“DIALOG of Transformation”

The National Lottery Community Fund

“DIALOG of Transformation”Family Together Mediation and Support project funded by National Lottery Community Fund



We are very pleased to share an amazing news with you! Our project “DIALOG of Transformation” Family Together Mediation and Support has been funded by National Lottery Community Fund 🎉🎉🎉

”DIALOG of Transformation” Family Together Mediation and Support project will provide early interventions to socially excluded EU Citizens: victims of domestic abuse, violence, modern day slavery from the hardest to reach European communities suffering abuse during COVID. We aim to support people who face challenges of their life especially during COVID, thus improving their emotional wellbeing via practical support and strategies by providing bespoke service. Our project will support people facing domestic abuse during covid, people who don’t have a recourse to a public fund (no income, benefits), are homeless, unemployed, undocumented, addicted, suffering from depression, anxiety, with no chance to go back to their home country. Our project will ensure that integration permeates by providing the opportunity for people from other backgrounds to participate and play an active role in the community. We mainly’d like to support families who face challenges because of covid, who are isolated, poor, marriages break, children suffer. The focus of the project is to raise an awareness about impact of domestic abuse, crime, violence, modern slavery on the most disadvantages members of our society and how to stay safe and how to protect family from abuse. Support will be offered in a native language.

▶️ Project put emphasis on this core aspects:

➡️ Drop in sessions & 1:1 online support for individuals;

➡️ Advice and mediation for families who find difficult to adapt to a new situation,

➡️ Family mediation & immigration support, no recourse to public funds support

➡️ CV, cover letter, job centre, settled status – (40 people)

➡️ Online (F2F) Support Groups – for people who struggle with different problems, that affects their life who find difficult coping with problems e.g. domestic abuse, language barriers, cultural differences, stress, anxiety, addictions, violence, unemployment, (12 people)

➡️ Individual Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Sessions 1:1- (5 people)

Contact us on euss@ukb-oisc.com


➡️ Join us at our first international event 27.05.2022 at 23 West Lane in Keighley!

➡️ Join us at our international integration event tomorrow! You are invited for a coffee, tea, cakes, fruits, music, activities and much more! All communities are welcome 🎉

➡️ See you at 9:30! We have surprises for all ladies!

➡️ Thank you The Good Shepherd Centre – Friendship, Support, Integracja i Wsparcie for your support!

➡️ Thank you The National Lottery Community Fund #TheNationalLottery for funding our amazing project!
See you tomorrow!