Supporting the most vulnerable members of our society DECEMBER 2020

Dear Friends, like every year since 2009 we are organising Christmas Get Together for the most vulnerable members of our community with UK Butterflies NGO FERI Fundacja Edukacji, Rozwoju i Innowacji EDU SMART Training Centre Dialog of Transformation Twórcze Spotkania Biznesowe Eye Creator Academy

This year the time is more even difficult as many people lost their job due to COVID.


We decided to get together like we do every year regardless of lockdown and the regulations announced last week (5/11/2020) and we will be supporting people this year too.

Our supporters decided to fundraise money to prepare a Christmas Polish Dinner this year again and for those we can not attend Salvation Army Simon Emery in Bradford we decided to deliver food parcels with Polish food.

Our idea is to run few online events / workshops / groups / projects / conferences to fundraise 1000 GBP to be able to prepare our Christmas Dinner for our Polish Community for 50 people and secure 50 food parcels that will be delivered to members of our Polish Community who are in most difficult situation.

We do not anyone to feel hungry during Christmas and we believe that together we will make a difference.

If you think you could support us / join us / donate / volunteer please contact us via our FB page

Thank you so much for your support..

You will find the details to donate at the top of this website (PayPal and QR Code)

If you don’t want to donate but would like to buy some food please go to your local Polish Shop, buy: Polish Bread, Ogórki kiszone, kiełbasa, Opłatek, ser zółty, pasztetowa, pasztet, konserwa and bring it Salvation Army in BD3 Bradford.


It was an amazing day.. We assessed another 8 people, Salvation Army Service users, and put bespoke support in place.

Thank you so much for being there with me and for your great support Saba-Gabrielle Moussa and Anne-Laure Corcol.

Thank you so much Simon Emery from Salvation Army in Bradford for your support. Thank you to all people who donated food, money and their time. Again we proved that #TeamBradford is the best!

You were amazing! They all love you! Thank you so much for your great support in terms of the immigration status. You are the most loved person at Salvation Army

Thank you so much Saba, Simon,

Dominika Marcinkowska

Matt Henderson

Shine Yasin

for your amazing support and help with the *Polish Dinner*. It was a great success! Even the fussy ones like it!

I loved it! I felt privileged to be there with all the service users, staff and supporters! God bless you!

Thank you Dominika and Saba for staying after the dinner and for you amazing support with one of the service users! You saved him today. 

I regret it is just one off and we do not provide a regular service. The need is massive, from securing NIN, documents, settled status, paper work to therapy, counselling, support group.. They can’t stop talking..

So if any of you knows anything about the funding my organisation could apply for to provide for the most vulnerable please let me know.

My job is different, so different… But I loved every second of my volunteering.. and I love Saba and Domi of course

I need to finish here as I am becoming too emotional. 

Stay safe! ALEKS & UKB TEAM