1st Cohesion and Integration Event


On 27th May we celebrated International Cohesion Day and International Mother’s Day. Thank you The National Lottery Community Fund for funding our project “DIALOG of Transformation”. It was an amazing day!

Cohesion and integration events entail creating communities, organizations, and social spaces where diversity is valued and appreciated. Creating the environment, that promotes empathy and interest for others is the main aim of integration and cohesion.
And when we move away from tales of “we” and “them” and toward ideals of kindness “all” and group togetherness, the life becomes amazing. You feel you belong, you feel you can be part of something bigger and play more active role in the community.

It’s about figuring out how other factors (including age, socioeconomic status, language, ethnicity, nationality and gender) might strong integration and cohesion within diverse groups.

It’s about people feeling strong, competent and capable of resolving conflicts and disagreements without jeopardizing fundamental social relationships. It’s about being proud of where we live, who we are no matter where we come from and how different our language and appearance is and appreciating the contributions of everyone and just simply belong


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