UK Butterflies NGO is a Non-Profit organisation limited by guarantee.

Our organisation was established in Bradford in 2009 and registered with Companies House in 2013. Our aim is to support the most vulnerable EU Citizens living in Bradford District to secure their immigration status after Brexit and to help them to get updates in regards to the status.

We also offer family and work mediation around EU Settlement Scheme.

We run different projects including educational projects, staff trainings, events, personal development trainings, supervisions, signposting across the UK. We also work with different European countries around transnational projects including mediation, prevention of domestic abuse, immigration law for EU Citizens living in the UK after BREXIT.

We do not specialise in visa and work permit for NON EU Citizens and new comers. Before you refer a client to us please make sure the applicant holds EU passport (burgundy colour)

We offer wide trainings for professionals, parents, young people, students (bespoke training too).

To integrate EU Citizens to live safely in the UK we organise a range of community cohesion events, promotion of healthy living and well-being through short courses, workshops, conferences including international youth exchange, immigration advice sessions in terms of EUSS Settled Status.

Our vision is of the UK being home to EU migrants so they can make choices about their future in the UK after BREXIT as respected members of local communities.

Our mission is to support EU migrants to help them to make choices about their lives and realize their potential as equal members of communities.

We also work with schools, police, consulates, local councils in EU Countries and in the UK, embassies, The3Million, Bradford University, Salvation Army, HOP, foster homes, key organisations in UK, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia in regards to anti hate crime and equality and diversity in multicultural environment by research and implementation of different methods which has been used in the UK (Good Methods Practice)